Country: Australia

Beer Style: Bitter Lager Ale

Beer Category: Lager

Ingredients: 1×1.5kg Morgans caramalt amber malt. 1×1.5kg Morgans pale malt. 150g cracked crystal grain(caramel). 15g Pride of Ringwood hops(pellets). Premium lager yeast.

Procedure: Add hops to 250ml boiling water and simmer for 20 mins. At the same time add the grain to a separate pot of 500ml boiling water, boil for 3 mins then let sit for 5 mins, strain then boil remaining liquid for 3mins then simmer for 5mins. Add strained hop and grain liquids (while hot) to malts and 1.7l boiling water. Fill tank to 23litres and pitch yeast. Leave for one week before bottling. Enjoy chilled and notice different flavours emerging as the beer warms in the glass!!! Variations – Fuggles hops and English ale yeast. 2 x 1.5kg Pale malt with original recipe hops and yeast!!!

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