Mark Jackson

Country: England

Beer Style: Imperial Stout

Beer Category: Stout

Ingredients: Morgan’s Premium Dockside Stout 1.7KG
Morgan’s Master Malt – Roasted Dark Malt 1.5kg
Morgan’s Body Blend 1kg
Morgan’s Hops 50g Fuggles
Finishing Hops Morgan’s Fuggles
Morgan’s Carbonation Drops 250g

Procedure: This will be the most expensive beer you will brew and that is a good thing! It contains twice ingredients of most beers.
1. Please read instructions thoroughly before starting.

2. Clean all equipment prior to starting, preferably with a none-rinse sanitiser.

3. Place cans in warm water so that the extract inside loosens.

4. Pour 4L of hot water into your fermenter, add contents of both cans & 1kg Morgan’s Body Blend 1kg to fermentation vessel.

5. Add cold water to make total contents up to 20L & stir thoroughly Add 50g of Fuggles to the top of the wort.

6. Remove Yeast sachet from the cap & empty into vessel, we advise stirring for 30 seconds.

8. Ensure fermenter is sealed tightly & add Airlock.

9. Allow the brew to ferment at a constant temperature of between 22-30c (ideally 25c).

10. After 10 days of fermentation add the Fuggles finishing Hops and leave for a further 3 days.

12. Please ensure bottles are sanitised before use, preferably using a none-rinse sanitiser.

13. Add 6g of sugar to each 750ml bottle or 3g to each 375ml bottle, filling to one inch from the top, Alternatively use 1 carbonation drop for 375/500ml & 2 drops for 750ml.

14. Allow bottles to stand at room temperature of 22-30c for 5 days to allow beer to fully carbonate. Allow another 10 days at room temperature to fully mature. The finished beer will continue to improve with further ageing.

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