Country: Australia

Beer Style: Low Carb Premium Lager

Beer Category: Lager

Ingredients: Morgans Chairmans Range Scharl’s Euro Lgaer,500g of light dry malt,brew cellar dry enzyme,yeast provided(brewcellar premium euro)

Procedure: Dissolve light dry malt in 2 litres of boiling water, then dissolve concentrate and top up with water to 23 litres trying to acheive a temp of about 20 degrees. pitch dry enzyme and stir in. pitch yeast. keep temp at around 20 for about 12 hrs then bring it down to 12-15. i didnt rack it, but it wouldnt hurt it! the best “low carb/dry” beer ive ever had, even the harshest enzyme critics would nail one on a hot day!

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