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Morgan's Battle of the Beer Recipes

And the winners of the 3 Morgan’s 48ltr esky’s are;
1. Raewyn Roberts – Kuranda, Queensland
2. Benjamin Mehigan – Kirwan, Queensland
3. Adrian Hall – Sheldon, Queensland

Congratulations to all 3 lucky winners!


Australia Day Prize Pack winners


Morgans Aus Day Promo

And the winner of the Morgan’s Recipe showdown

is Mark Cameron with his outstanding tasting

Blue Mountain Lager recipe. Mark purchases his ingredients from Coffs Home Brew in Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Morgans Winners


Recipe Name:

Morgans Blue Mountain Lager – Mark Cameron (The Winner)

Recipe Ingredients:

1- Morgans Blue Mountain Lager concentrate

2 – 1.5kg Morgans Liquid Pale Lager extract

3 – BREW Cellar Premium Lager yeast

4 – 15g Galaxy Hop Pellets

Recipe Instructions:

Prepare 15g of Galaxy hops by adding to boiling water in a thick walled/ceramic cup. Stir thoroughly and sit for 20 minutes covered.

After 20 minutes, microwave on high for a further 20 seconds. Keep aside.

Stir Blue Mountain Lager concentrate and Lager Pale extract into approx 3 litres of cold (ambient tap) water.

Stir thoroughly until dissolved. Slowly fill with cold water until approx 22 litres full.

Pitch BREW Cellar Yeast and add Galaxy Hops liquid from cup. Stir contents well until 23 litres full.

Ferment at ideally 15 deg Celsius for approx 10 days or until SG is around 1010.

Bottle with standard sugar amount and allow secondary fermentation for at least 4 weeks.


Recipe Name:

Pure Geniuss Irish Stout

Recipe Ingredients:

1.7Kg Morgans Dockside Stout

1.7Kg Morgans Unhopped Roasted Malt

2 x 12g Fuggles Finishing Hops

1 x 12g Goldings Finishing Hops

1 x Sachet Brewcellar English Ale Yeast

Recipe Instructions:

Place the three finishing hop bags in three Coffee mugs, fill each mug with boiling water and leave to infuse for at least 10 minutes.

Pour 2 litres of hot water into a sanitised fermenter, add Dockside Stout and stir to dissolve. Then add roasted Malt and stir to dissolve, and top-up to 23 litres with cool water. Pour in the contents of the three coffee mugs, including the hop bags. Then stir gently to disperse the heat, without breaking the hop bags, to disperse the heat..

Once temperature is below 30C, add yeast and allow to ferment at a temperature between 22 and 30C.

Normal Original Gravity: 1050

Finishing Gravity: 1015

Check Finishing Gravity is constant over three days before bottling (normally takes 7 days Summer, 10 Days Winter in Queensland)

Use Brewcellar Carbonation Drops for bottling

Best left for 6 weeks before enjoying a familiar Irish Stout……………..Pure Geniuss!


Recipe Name:

Honey Lager

Recipe Ingredients:

Morgans Blue Mountain lager, 1kg Pale Malt liquid extract, 250gm Crystal Malt, 500gm honey, 250gm pure Maple syrup, 20gm Cascade, 28gm Saaz.

Recipe Instructions:

Add Crystal Malt to grain sock and add to 8 litres of water, bring to boil. Just before boiling pull out grains and strain. Add Morgans blue mountain lager, Pale Malt liquid extract and honey and simmer for 1 hour. With 20 minutes left add the cascade. With 1 minute left add Saaz and maple syrup. Pour into fermentor, top up to 23 litres, pitch yeast. Once beer is fermented approximately 8-12 days, bottle.


Recipe Name:

Captain Morgans Rum Ale

Recipe Ingredients:

Morgans 1.7 kg Amber ale

1.5 kg Morgans Caramalt

Samuel Willards Qld’s Own Rum Essence

24 gms Goldings Hops

Safale Yeast

Recipe Instructions:

Just make the beer as per usual adding all ingredients making it to 20 litres.


Recipe Name:

Star Mountain

Recipe Ingredients:

Morgans Blue Mountain Lager, 500g Morgans Extra Pale Malt, 250g Dry Light Malt, 3000g Maltodextrin, 500g Dextrose, 25g Galaxy Hops, 12g Saaz Hops, SafLager S-23 Yeast.

Recipe Instructions:

Put Galaxy hops into a 250ml mug and fill with boiling water.

Put Saaz hops into a 250ml mug and fill with boiling water.

Put can of Morgan’s Blue Mountain Lager into boiling water to soften contents.

Put can of Morgan’s Extra Pale Malt into boiling water to soften contents.

Add 2 litres of boiling water into a sterilized fermenter.

Add in all dry ingredients, stir well

Add in Blue Mountain Lager and 500g Extra pale malt, stir well.

Top up fermenter to 21 litres with old water.

Add in the Hops from the 2 mugs and stir well.

Add in the SafLager yeast and the supplied yeast from under the lid when temperature is below 28 degrees.

Ferment in the usual way between 20 – 24 degrees.

Bottle once SG is the same for 2 days

SG 1050 – 1052, Final 1010 – 1012.


Recipe Name:

Smooth and Dark

Recipe Ingredients:

1 x (1.7 kg) tin Morgans Australian Old

1 x (1.5 kg) tin Morgans Master Roasted Dark Malt Extract

1 x 50 ml bottle Samuel Willard’s Chocolate Rum Extract

Recipe Instructions:

1. Follow the instructions on the can of Morgans Old but add the Malt extract instead of dextrose.

2. Before adding the yeast – add the bottle of Chocolate Rum extract.

3. Add yeast.

4. Continue with instructions on the can of Morgans Old.

The end result is a full bodied flavour with an extra layer of silky smoothness. Enjoy.


Recipe Name:

Morgans Dark Ale Moccha

Recipe Ingredients:

1 tin of Morgans Iron Bark Dark Ale

1kg Dextrose

200 grams Brown Sugar

50 grams of fresh Coffee Beans (Piazza Dora Supa Crema) 500ml Chocolate Topping

21 litres rain water

2 litres boiled water (93 degrees C)

Recipe Instructions:

1. place coffee beans in the fermenter add boiled waterd leave for 1 min.

2. add Dextrose and brown sugar and stir.

3. add Morgans Iron Bark Dark Ale.

4. add Chocolate Topping.

5. add 21 litres of rain water.

6. ferment as per instructions on the Morgans Dark Ale tin.


Recipe Name:

Spicy Amigo

Recipe Ingredients:

Morgans Cortes Mexican Cerveza

750g Dextrose

250g Corn Syrup

Rind of 5 Lemons

2 Tablespoons Pepper Corns

Recipe Instructions:

Place peppercorns in zip lock bag and crush with rolling pin.

Place Pepper and Lemon rind into 2 litres of water. Bring water to boil then simmer for 20 minutes.

Mix Cerveza Tin and Dextrose and Corn Syrup as per normal beer recipe method in fermenter. Strain the lemon pepper water into fermenter wort. Bring final volume up to 21 litres in fermenter. Ferment for two weeks within temperate range 20-24 degrees


Recipe Name:

Red Bandit Lager

Recipe Ingredients:

Morgan’s Cortes Mexican Cerveza

brew booster

saaz hops

lager/pilsner grain pack

4 x chillies

Recipe Instructions:

steep grain in hot water for 15 mins then drain & boil stained liquid with chopped chillies for 5 mins add to fermenter .

in 2 litres of boiling water add hop bag for 10minutes add to fermenter after filling with cold water add all other ingredients to fermenter ferment as per can instructions


Recipe Name:

Watching One Day Cricket.

Recipe Ingredients:

Morgans Australian Draught

600 grams dextrose 300grams malt extract 100 grams corn sugar 25 grams pride of ringwood hops safe lager yeast x 2

25 grams of cascade hops

Recipe Instructions:

mix all dry sugars together with 1.75 ltr of water and heat to boiling point at this stage put ringwood hops in and simmer for 2 min.( i use a hop bag ) leave sit for 15 min take out hop bag.

Add the contents of the can and mix very well.Pour this mix into fermenter and add cold water to make up the total 22 ltrs. pitch you safe lager yeast at 18 deg hint i put a jug of water in the freezer for 2 / 3 hrs to get my temp to 18 deg brew at 12 / 15 degs if possible.This will take longer to ferment at this temp anywhere from 10/21 days. at the final stage of fermentation dry hop 25 grams of cascade hops 4/5 day. Then bottle or keg .

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