RIF Blonde

Country: Australia

Beer Style: Blonde Ale

Beer Category: Pale Ale

Ingredients: 2 x 1.5kg cans Morgans Pale (lager) liquid Malt ,50 g Cascade Hops,12.5g Amarillo Hops,Safale US40 Yeast or other quality yeast

Procedure: Bring 4 litres of filtered water and 1 tin of malt to rolling boil. 20g cascade Hops @ 60min. 20g cascade hops @ 20 min. 12.5g Amarillo Hops @ 5 min. Flame out @ 0min and sit pot in sink of cool water, refreshing water until mixture cools rapidly to about 40-50 deg C. Add second tin of malt and stir. Add maybe 2 or 3 trays of icecubes Fill with filtered water to 21 litres, stir vigoursly to oxygenate. Pitch yeast @ 18-22 deg C. Start fermentation process. On day 2 of ferment, dry hop with 10g cascade hops. Ferment further 7-10 days trying to maintain temp below 25 deg C (18 is best). Variations: In summer, you can add 200g dex and fill to 23 litres for a thinner beer. Can add first hop addition @ 50 mins for a less bitter beer. This was my first and still is my favourite extract beer. I have tried other improvers, though this combo seems to work the best. Improves vastly after 6 weeks in bottle.

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