Country: Australia

Beer Style: Dunkelweizen wheat

Beer Category: Wheat beer

Ingredients: Morgan’s golden sheaf wheat beer
Morgan’s master malt dark roast
Morgan’s Saaz hops
Morgan’s Hallertau hops
250gram dried corn syrup
Safale WE-06 wheat beer yeast

Procedure: Steep Saaz hops in 4 litre boiled/hot water for 10 min
Steep Hallertau hops for 5 min in a cup
After 10 minutes add both cans to the 4 litre water
Add dried corn syrup when both cans are dissolved and add liquid to your fermenter and top up with cold water to the 23 litre mark ( I have water containers sitting in fridge ready to go)
Add the Hallertau hops and take hydometer reading and then add the yeast
Ferment around the 21 degrees

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