Wheat beer


Country: Australia

Beer Style: Dunkelweizen wheat

Beer Category: Wheat beer

Ingredients: Morgan’s golden sheaf wheat beer
Morgan’s master malt dark roast
Morgan’s Saaz hops
Morgan’s Hallertau hops
250gram dried corn syrup
Safale WE-06 wheat beer yeast

Procedure: Steep Saaz hops in 4 litre boiled/hot water for 10 min
Steep Hallertau hops for 5 min in a cup
After 10 minutes add both cans to the 4 litre water
Add dried corn syrup when both cans are dissolved and add liquid to your fermenter and top up with cold water to the 23 litre mark ( I have water containers sitting in fridge ready to go)
Add the Hallertau hops and take hydometer reading and then add the yeast
Ferment around the 21 degrees

Barry Major

Country: Australia

Beer Style: Witbier – Hoegaarden style

Beer Category: Wheat Beer

Ingredients: Morgan’s Wheat Malt Extract,500g DME – Light,1kg Dextrose,Safbrew T58 Yeast,Zest from 5 fresh limes,20g crushed coriander seed

Procedure: Heat the 20g of crushed coriander seed plus the lime zest in 1l water – simmer for 15 mins. First put the 500g light dry malt plus 1kg dextrose into a fermenter – add two litres of hot water. Pick up and swirl the fermenter around for a few minutes until the malt and dextrose has dissolved. Strain the coriander/lime zest into the mix. Then add the can of malt extract. Add water up to the 23 litres and stir well. Sprinkle the yeast on top and seal the fermenter. I use Vodka in the airlock instead of water.

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