Robert Pascoe

Country: Australia

Beer Style: Citra Cider

Beer Category: Other

Ingredients: Can of Morgans Apple Cider
50-100g of Citra Hops.
1kg Dextrose
Kviek Voss Yeast

Procedure: Mix Can of Morgans Apple Cider & 1kg Dextrose in fermenter, top up to 20 litres.
Shake or stir vigorously to a form a layer of foam on top of wort. Sprinkle yeast on top of foam, leave for 10 minutes then stir into wort.
Ferment between 35 and 40 degrees C.
After 12 hours, Dry Hop with Citra Hops.
Fermentation should be finished after 2-3 days.
Keg or bottle as appropriate.

Can be drunk as soon as carbonated; can be left to condition if required.

Result is a very easy drinking apple cider with fruity passion fruit and grapefruit aromas.


Country: Australia

Beer Style: Spicy Ginger Beer

Beer Category: Other

Ingredients: 400 g of Ginger
1 kg brown sugar
1 x can of Morgans ginger beer extract.
2 x cinnamon stick’s
5 x cloves

Procedure: grate the ginger and place it in a saucepan
add 4 x litres of cold water
add the 1 kg of brown sugar
bring to a rolling boil for 15 minutes
add lid and cool mix down in an ice bath for 15 minutes
add extract to a sanitised FV, add chilled Ginger and sugar solution, add chilled water to the 20 litre mark.
When the wort reaches 22-24 degrees C pitch yeast and nutrient sachet’s
on day 7 place cinnamon and cloves into 500 ml of boiling water for 5 minutes, cool in the fridge for 30 min’s and add to the FV.
on day 10 once gravity is steady bottle the brew by adding sugar/dextrose/carbonation drop’s/ or bulk priming according to the manufacturers requirements.

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